If You Top Up For 50 You Will Get 100, If You Buy A Startup Package You Receive 100 Credits To Start With
VPN Reseller Start Up Package
£49.99 GBP One Time
  • -1M=£3.99 3M=£9.99 6M=£17.99 and 12M=£32.99, plus we double all top credits. We are the only VPN Reseller service to offer free VPN app's yes that's right free others want 2.000 per app, we offer Win, Mac and android apps for free with our linux app coming soon, we also have the cheap prices for resellers, we offer 5 simultaneous logins, unlimited usage unbranded app's our name is not found anywhere like other services, P2P and torrents are allowed and all accounts come with unlimited bandwidth and a no logs policy we retain no data usage what so ever we can not even see what servers your using, other's say they do not collect logs but they do as they see what time you login etc we don't keep any logs on our servers so why not join the EZEVPN reseller program where you can earn big profits all accounts are instantly setup 24/7, and as you grow we will also reduce the prices for you. prices are as follows
VPN Reseller Top Up 50 Credits
£50.00 GBP One Time
    This will add 50 credits to your reseller account.
VPN Reseller Top Up 100 Credits
£100.00 GBP One Time
    This will add 100 credits to your reseller account
VPN Reseller Top Up 200 Credits
£200.00 GBP One Time
    This will add 200 credits to your reseller account
Unlimited VPN Credits
£700.00 GBP One Time
    This will give you unlimited VPN credits, we are the first VPN reseller provider to offer this option, you pay a one time fee and then never pay a penny again. Comes With VPN App's for Windows, Mac & Android with Linux App coming soon.

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